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Tailor-Made English Training

Tailor-Made English Training

Your English language training is an essential part of your whole experience. No two students learn the same way, or have the same requirement for the language, which is why all of our English language classes are customised to ease your individual objectives. Our trainers understand that every student is different, and their teaching methods are flexible to adapt to the students in each group.

One-to-one experience in a group course

At the Skill Square Academy, every students’ group is different. We don’t use local books and contents, which allows us to scrutinise and search suitable course content from international authorities to ease your English language goals. Every part of the course is developed according to your requirements. It is the closest you can get to individual personal training within a group course.

High-quality English trainers

Our trainers are carefully and cautiously selected for their experience, their passion and their specialised comprehension skill about English language. Our trainers have been teaching English for many years and have significant teaching and required professional experience. All of our trainers are well-qualified to teach English as a second language and are expert in role plays and at the moment performance of English language.

Tracking your progress

We believe it is very important to track your language progress during your course. Our student counsellor will meet with you in to your class on a regular basis to check your development and discuss the progress. .