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General English Speaking Course for Beginners 20+

General English Speaking Course for Beginners 20+

General English speaking course for starters or beginners 20+ our general English speaking course for beginners is for adults specially 20+ aged students who have a very low knowledge of English language

Who is this general English speaking for beginners course for?

Our students typically come from a wide range of education backgrounds and from varied corporate industry. Everybody in your small group will be a beginner student so you will practise with them without any hesitation. This beginner’s English language course is very perfect for you if you have a very little knowledge of English, or if you already know some basics of English but need to refresh grammar and vocabulary.


Our students typically come from a wide range of education backgrounds and from varied corporate industry.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Introduce yourself and others

• Speak about yourself, your family, your friends, country, occupation, and hobbies

• Answer and ask questions in basic format

• Have simple conversations in English

• Have simple conversations in English

• Deal with day to day life situations like greeting people or having conversation on current affairs

• Understand very common vocabs and sentences in any written resources

• Write formal or informal emails or messages

• Basic pronunciation

Course content includes:

All your sessions will focus on helping you enhance your general English language skills through a variety of useful and engaging innovative materials and activities from international English authorities. Every week will include:

• Grammar and pronunciation points carefully chosen by your trainer based on your requirements and goals. You will practise and sharpen these throughout the week.

• A focus on speaking skills, with the majority of your classes time designed to maximise your speaking skills.

• Extended and interesting fluency activities including group discussions, role-plays and presentations. These will give you the chance to enhance your speaking further and bring together the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you have worked on during the week.

• Listening and reading activities from international English authorities .

• A focus on writing skills, for example formal and informal emails, letters and short articles .

• Pronunciation. Unique way to enhance British accent with authentic pronunciation system in every lesson with detailed explanation on each sound .

• Practical communication strategies to be different in to the crowd.

• A focus on social English.

During the course you will also receive:

• Pathway on the best ways to study English, both in the classroom and outside.

• Language skill development myths with proven mind activity .

• Discussions and activities based on current news and media.

• Extra tutorials.

• Personalised feedback.

Included in fees

Fees include training plus:

• Lifetime membership

• All course materials and resources in digital format

• Three months access to Skill Square’s Online platform

• Detailed end of course progress report

• Certificate of course completion

Why study English at The Skill Square Academy?

• Rated “Excellent” based on google reviews

• Over 20 years’ experienced trainers

• Tailored training delivers outstanding results

• Memorable experiences in Kolhapur and online