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English Speaking Course for Beginners in Kolhapur

General English Speaking Course for Beginners in Kolhapur

Are you looking to improve your English language skills? Our General English Speaking Course for Beginners at Skill Square Academy in Kolhapur is the perfect solution. With the help of our experienced trainers and innovative course materials, you'll be able to confidently communicate in English and achieve your language learning goals.

Who is this general English speaking for beginners course for?

Our students typically come from a wide range of education backgrounds and from varied corporate industry. Everybody in your small group will be a beginner student so you will practise with them without any hesitation. This beginner’s English language course is very perfect for you if you have a very little knowledge of English, or if you already know some basics of English but need to refresh grammar and vocabulary.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Introduce yourself and others

• Speak about yourself, your family, your friends, country, occupation, and hobbies

• Answer and ask questions in basic format

• Have simple conversations in English

• Have simple conversations in English

• Deal with day to day life situations like greeting people or having conversation on current affairs

• Understand very common vocabs and sentences in any written resources

• Write formal or informal emails or messages

• Basic pronunciation

Course content includes:

All your sessions will focus on helping you enhance your general English language skills through a variety of useful and engaging innovative materials and activities from international English authorities. Every week will include:

• Grammar and pronunciation points carefully chosen by your trainer based on your requirements and goals. You will practise and sharpen these throughout the week.

• A focus on speaking skills, with the majority of your classes time designed to maximise your speaking skills.

• Extended and interesting fluency activities including group discussions, role-plays and presentations. These will give you the chance to enhance your speaking further and bring together the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you have worked on during the week.

• Listening and reading activities from international English authorities .

• A focus on writing skills, for example formal and informal emails, letters and short articles .

• Pronunciation. Unique way to enhance British accent with authentic pronunciation system in every lesson with detailed explanation on each sound .

• Practical communication strategies to be different in to the crowd.

• A focus on social English.

During the course you will also receive:

• Pathway on the best ways to study English, both in the classroom and outside.

• Language skill development myths with proven mind activity .

• Discussions and activities based on current news and media.

• Extra tutorials.

• Personalised feedback.

Included in fees

Fees include training plus:

• Lifetime membership

• All course materials and resources in digital format

• Three months access to Skill Square’s Online platform

• Detailed end of course progress report

• Certificate of course completion

Why study English at The Skill Square Academy?

• Rated “Excellent” based on google reviews

• Over 20 years’ experienced trainers

• Tailored training delivers outstanding results

• Memorable experiences in Kolhapur and online

Join our General English Speaking Course for Beginners at Skill Square Academy in Kolhapur and take the first step towards improving your English language skills. Contact us to learn more and sign up for the course.