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English Language Immersion

Learn English Language with The Skill Square Academy for a truly unforgettable experience.

Thousands of our students return to us year after year because we believe and expertise in to deliver the best quality training, a warm welcome, and an authentically English Language Speaking experience in Kolhapur or online. .

We take care of all your requirements, from organising English proficient test, to your English speaking, writing, listening and reading activities, weekend role plays, so that you can focus on improving your English!

We make sure that our innovative participatory training is consistently excellent and inclined towards results. Our unique Proven Methodology and Goal Tracking methods ensure that the content of your English language course is altered to your learning style for maximum and perfect results.

Before you start your course:

• A detailed counselling process helps us to understand why you are taking English language training, and what you hope to accomplish with.

• We acclimate and modify the training package to bring into line with your objectives, your pace and your priorities.

During your course:

• We confirm that you are developing through our participatory methods and modifications of the course content.

• A detailed post assessment explains where you have made progress, and recognizes the areas you need to focus on next level.

• You receive a course certificate as proof of your studies

After your course:

•Use your course certificate to participate weekends role play activities to sharpen your English speaking and other language skills.

• Stay in touch with other course students through weekend’s role plays at our centre.